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Give incentives, gain insights

With one-touch, BRIJ allows consumers to access product info, use & care instructions and discounts while you gain a deeper understanding of your customer. Apps, paper manuals and hassles not required.

One-tap wonder

With a simple tap, BRIJ gives consumers access to warranty information, digital manuals and more.

Restock in a snap

BRIJ lets consumers reorder their favorite beauty essentials & other products with one touch.

Bridging the gap between brands and consumers

With the simple scan of a QR code or NFC tag, brands can gather first-party user data, build customer loyalty and improve product experience.

Show you care

Take care of your customers with product authentication, exclusive content & demos, and product care instructions.

From lost to found

With lost & stolen item recovery built in, BRIJ gives your customers peace of mind.

Get to know your customer

Gain a deeper understanding of your customer and how they engage with your product. Let us help you build a stronger connection.

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